To bike or not to bike?
That, my friend, is not a question.

This site is not to brag about my adventures or to promote myself as some bicycle super freak. The goal is to inspire others and provide a resource for trips, ideas and planning. I, myself, was inspired to build this site by the late Sheldon Brown's site on bicycle maintenance—a non-sales site to help people out (even though he does sell stuff). Probably the best, if not the only, comprehensive source of bicycle repair and maintenance tips in English.

In High School and College I used to do a ton of touring, but jobs, kids, etc. crimped that style and I was cut back to day rides and commuting to work. That is changing and I am back into getting what I need to go down the road again.

Following is a list of trips I will catalogue with maps, pictures and entries from my log. I hope they give you the desire to mount up and ride.

Photo Journals on Trips and Trails

Multi-day Trips

Day Trips


Tips and Other Topics
  • Re-building my first "real" bike.
  • Proper care and nurturing of your bike.

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