If you are going to commute to work in a metropolitan area, you need to be serious about it. Watch the news and you will see it is a deadly game.

What I would like to provide here is a site where you can get answers to how to be safe, what others have done wrong and tips to make your commute more enjoyable.

Safety/Lane Travel

You won't commute long if you do not do it safely.


An important part of safety is comfort. If you are cold, tired or too hot, you can make some stupid moves or, if severe enough, significantly impair your reasoning and response time.


Now how do you get all that crap to work?

Commuting Routes

I tried a hundred different routes to downtown Portland from Camas. There are a lot of good ones. You can get a map but there are also online resources that are good. Here I compiled two maps to get a regional one.

  1. Camas to Portland/SIC
  2. Camas to Downtown Vancouver
  3. Camas to Clackamas
  4. Downtown Vancouver to Portland