1975 Tour of Washington, British Columbia, Alberta, Montana and Idaho

route map



The Trip

In 1975, after graduation from High School, John O'Connor and I planned a ride to Pullman, Washington; where John would be attending College. The route we laid out was via the San Juans, British Columbia, Alberta, Montana and Idaho. In other words, we were not taking the direct route.

We started the trip August 22, 1975 andcompleted it, kind of, on September 8, 1975 (16 days) for a total of 2,947.5 miles. I won't spoil the end.

This would be my first trip over a thousand miles and we planned pretty well for it. Well, considering we were just out of High School. Some things, like the food, could have been done much better. I relied a lot on my hiking background and other four to five day trips to give me some packing knowledge.

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