Burnt Bridge Creek and
Discovery Trail


Not all my rides are long or stressful. I also ride with my wife and she s not a serious rider. On one of our first rides together (2005), I wanted to check out a newly completed trail I had seen here in Vancouver. I had only seen it from Andreson and could not find it on the web so we headed for the power lines that cross Andreson and started poking around. The east head of the trail is marked a little better now. It is best accessed on the east end from Burton just east of 86th Avenue. The west end is actually off the Fruit Valley Road (near Lake Vancouver). Look at the county brochures below or my annotated map if you want to hit it somewhere in the middle.

To our surprise this trail had been connected to a number of other trails and, as mentioned above, this trail ended up taking us to Vancouver Lake. Following are the list of county brochures on these trails:

The trickiest part is when you get to the street that connects the section north of SR 500 and the east end of the Leverich Trail. Eastbound you need to go up to NE 41st Circle and follow it to the end. Westbound, as you come off the green-way north of SR 500, you are dumped onto NE 41st Circle. It is almost a parking lot sort of thing with no markings telling you need to continue to the other end to find the trail across 15th Ave. It may sound obvious, but since you have been riding on trails, thinking about where the trail might go is not on your mind. In my opinion westbound is most confusing.

The other spot that is not well marked is between Stewart Glen Park and Leverich. If you know about the pedestrian overpass on I5 it makes it easier, but it is poorly marked and puts you on NE Hazell Dell Avenue for a bit. I hope that my annotated map helps.

Various pictures from the trail

Near the underpass of SR 500 east of St John's

Near the underpass of SR 500 east of St John's

Near the underpass of SR 500 east of St John's

There are a lot of rest stops. This one is in the Stewart Glen Park overlooking the lake.