14 March 2008 - Day 6
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Some visual work done today... although it sure seems that it is going real slow. I am about a day behind schedule and may get to be more since I am not sure the concrete is dry enough to lay the tile. I also have not figured out what to do with the laundry shoot. I still want to have one but not sure where to put it.

Day wall is installed in the Utility Room

...and in the bathroom, with switches in place and functional...

...and exhaust fan in. A Panasonic Whisper Fan and it deserves the name—VERY quite. This was a pain to get in since there is duct work and only a 2x2 frame (not enough to hold it) so I had to build a support mechanism for it. Day 4 has the best view of what was there to support the fan.

Sound deadening back in.

Moisture barrier up. It's starting to look a little like a shower.