12 March 2008 - Day 4
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Today was roughing in the eletrical, running out to get supplies, figuring out the plan for the plumbing wouldn't work, redesigning, going back out for more fittings, getting all the bracing in place. The faucets and shower heads do not wiggle; I hate that when they feel like they have play.

Ripped out the drywall to get back to a stud to pull the switches and outlets back away from any water. We don't want any shocking experiences. I also needed to leave room for the towel warmer.

Different angle picture, but since most of the wires are behind the insulation there is not a lot to see.

I have to work the plumbing at the same time since I do have to work around existing electo-mechanical-plumbing fixtures. Here I have dry-fitted all the piping for gluing in tomorrow morning. That will still be a sizable task, since there are a lot of tight fits and gluing will have to sequenced very carefully. Complications here have me about a half day behind.

This faucet was the one that caused the redesign (well that and the fixing of the last leak, which occasionally drips on me), the other just took a lot of bracing.