Day 17: Into the central valley...
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It is getting hot again and probably hit 90 today. Tomorrow is supposed to be the same. The tan is getting better or turning into cancer.

The last areas "F", "G" and "H" are going to be slow and I am not sure I am going to get them gone in one day. The good thing is that the we prepped up the area so that I can start working immediately on it and not have to move shingles, repair holes, etc, pounding nails in the morning. So I should get a good run on this prior to the real heat hitting. Of course I also have three pitches, a furnace vent, attic fan, sewer vent and three valleys. I think this will take more than a day.

My estimates have been ok, but I did not estimate the tarpaper right I am about three squares short, I was also low on the flashing but that was because I was not planning on putting flashing on the dormers, which I did at the last minute. I was off on the tarpaper since I did not count the overlap for the weave or the extra lining in the valleys. I have 32 bundles of shingles and should need 20 to finish this off. I wanted an additional two squares (8 bundles) in case some day I remodel the kitchen.


The Northeast corner

Looking north into the last expanse.

The last expanse.