Day 18: Done with the shingles!
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We hauled butt today and got all the shingles down. Man does that feel good. So what's left?

  • Hip and ridges.
  • The two ridge vents.
  • Painting where the gutters will go and making sure there is enough room under the flashing for the gutters.
  • Replacing some siding that we removed to get to flashing and roofing.
  • and, of course, having someone out to put up continuous gutters.

Tomorrow will be a slow day since we pressed do hard to get to this point. The boys have the day off and I need to help a friend with her accounting setup for her business. So I will only work morning and afternoon, but that should get me well along the way on the hips and ridges.

Tammi had to run all over the place to get last minute things (30# felt, flashing for the NG chimney, vent stack, etc.) the problem was that Home Depot kept steering her the wrong direction. First sending her home with 15# felt and the wrong flashing, then saying they had no 30# felt (which I had bought there the say prior). It is unfortunate, the local Home Depot was a very nice place. It has gone down hill and will get a serious run for its money when Lowes opens in two months.

I took a lot of time making sure the confluence of all the valleys was done right. The main valley is, of course, one continuous 22 foot piece of galvanized steel and it runs up the head of the valley about two feet. The other two valleys over lap that by a foot and a half or so. I did forget to take a picture, though. Damn. Anyway, nothing is getting through that unless the water gets to more than six inches deep. The only way I can see that happen is with an ice damn in the winter and that seems far fetched to me.


All done.. with the shingles, that is.

The siding that needs to be replaced is under the eves in this picture and the next. It is currently laid out on the yard being painted and readied to be put up.

A close look will show the morning dew has condensed enough on the roof for it so shed water and my valley in nicely letting the water flow freely to the drain. I can now remove the drip pan from above the oven.

The progress on painting the siding.