Day 10: Over the ridge
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I got some help today which allowed me to finish area "A" and "C" and got about a third of the way done with area "B" and "D". Today will be going around the skylights and trying to get the new ones installed, so I doubt I will get much further than this area.

It looks like areas "J" and "K" have been prepped for when I am done here so that should keep from slowing down so much when I get done with these areas.

Area "B" and over the ridge; looking west.

Area "A"; looking north

My newest recruit. Did I ever mention the view from the roof was stunning? Maybe I should put a crows nest reading room where this picture was taken from.

Calvin learning the ropes... and hammers.

Look in the background to prove Tammi was part of this.

Getting ready to put the steel in the valleys between areas "B" and "D".

End of the day.