Day 11: The last of the west and skylights
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Almost done with area "B" and "D", about three or four rows left at the top. The winds got a little high to get tar paper down without ripping the crap out of it... so we stopped about 6:00. Again to day we had to take a break mid-day since it was too not and the shingles were getting too soft.

Tammi and Pat worked on de-nailing around the dormers and our base area.

Got all the holes cut for the tubular skylights and got one fully installed. They are pretty amazing. They produce light when there is very little outside. I think I will be very pleased with them,


This is the installed skylight at 7:00am. The sun is not up yet and it is foggy. I am impressed.

It took two extensions to get to the roof piece. I still need to install factory recommended bracing.

This shows the opening for the next skylight and the amount of light from it. It gives you a bit of a feeling of the amplification of the dome and tube.

How it looks on the roof.

What's left to do today before I do areas "I" and "L".