Day 1: getting ready
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I solved the disposal is an issue. Pacific Land Clearing & Recycling will recycle the asphalt shingles at a reasonable price (my estimate is about $450), but Washingtonians are stuck with getting the material to them. Oregonians can have AGG drop the dumpster, haul it and dump it there for about $524. Waste Connections will set up a 20 yard dumpster and run it to the dump for about $530. If I haul it to the recyclers in my Ranger (1/2 ton), it will take about 13 trips and gas will be about $85, bringing it to the magic $535 number. Just more time. I will do that since it recycles the material. That is important.

So today is buying material. I chose the IKO Castle Gray architectural roofing. I bought it from Woodfeathers in Vancouver. My first call had that they would not be able to get me the material until Friday, but when I got there they revised that to Thursday afternoon. Good.

The weather forecast has cleared up and I am going to step up my pace and build the ramp and shoot today and start tear-off tomorrow.

The bridge between roofs.

The bridge between roofs.

The top of the shoot.

The last thing the roofing will see.

What's at the bottom.