Day 2: Starting tear off
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Finished off getting everything ready and started the tear off. About 1:00 the boys were off to the dump with the first load of shingles, the phone rings and the delivery truck is at 192nd with my load of shingles! Better early than late. So even though my new shingles are on top of the old roof I need to tear off, I can still get to most and, at worse, it is moving the bundles from one side of the ridge to the other.

I think I can get most of this done this weekend. Cool.

That's why they call it labor day, right?

The work ahead (click for the larger view).

Stripped off the front (east).

Stripped off the front (west).

...and the back (east).

Remember that leak I mentioned over Garrett's room? No standing on this spot. Notice how none of the flashing was disturbed to remove the old roof? This is because the flashing was UNDER the roofing. Thank you Dandy Andy for one more of your f***ing short cuts.