Jesse Cameron Williams
April 15, 1984 - October 13, 2007

Langley, Washington
Resided In:
Camas, Washington
Bayview Cemetery, Langley, Washington
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Jesse Cameron Williams died Saturday October 13th. He was born April 15, 1984 to Tammi and Todd Williams. The first thirteen years of Jesse’s life were spent on Whidbey Island where he went to school, built forts and played soccer. In 1997 the family moved to Camas where Jesse went to Skyridge Junior High and Camas High School. After graduation, he attended Eastern Washington University for a year. At the time of his passing he was working RS Medical in Vancouver. He passed quietly in his sleep. Jesse was an "everybody" person, he did not look at who you are but what you are. From the day he could crawl he knew no stranger. He has hundreds of friends in the Camas and the surrounding towns as well as on Whidbey Island. He was intelligent and handsome and could talk to anyone about anything. He loved music and was an accomplished guitarist.

Jesse is survived by his parents Tammi and Todd and his two younger siblings Dannielle and Garrett. Also surviving is his grandmother Joan Cole-Gray of Phoenix.

Update 1/13/2008:

After an agonizing three months, the Medical Examiners report was finally complete. The findings were that Jesse died of heart failure. In March 2006, he had a patch placed in his heart to correct a severe case of ASD. The autopsy showed that this patch was still in place, but heart was enlarged (450 vs the average 350 grams) and there was scaring around the conductive system. This, coupled with his PVCs and reports that Jesse was sweating heavily on a rather cool day and no other contradictory evidence (from toxology studies, etc.) led to the cause of death being heart failure from a congenital defect.