Day 15: Down in the valleys...
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I met the goal today of starting all the dormers and get the galvanized steel in the valleys. I look back and think of all the time and the little amount of show, but it was the best we could do with all the intricate work of getting the ends of the dormers seals up with shingles and tin, I was on a ladder all day and either John Garrett or, after school, Patrick were cutting, bending, etc.

Wednesday we should be able to make some better time since we will be on the roof and laying shingles. Care will need to be taken to make sure the four sections all line up when we get to the top of the dormers. I doubt we will get them done today, though.


It's real hard to see the work done, but it's just at the edge between the dormers.

All the tin work in the valleys should do a good job of keeping the water out. But after the layer of tar, tar paper, shingles and ridge pieces nothing should get through.

All three are the same.

The small vertical spot where the dormer meets the roof was not siding before and I decided to leave it that way. This did mean a more intricate bending of steel and I will need to paint it but it will be longer lasting and will handle snow better,