Day 14: More repair and some clean up
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Looking like a third world member was getting on my nerves and starting to be unsafe—my ladder needs to be set up in the metal pile... er... driveway to get the dormers done. So, I completed the planned dormer repair and also added hauling all the metal away and cleaning the driveway. Part of the surprise was the Triangle Resources (the recycling center here in Camas) took the metal for FREE! Better than drive all the way to Pacific Land Clearing & Recycling at Delta Park.

As a side note I was hoping to be done on day 14... no such luck. At least another five days,

Tuesday will be starting the dormers... this may take a while.


The shoot comes down.

Everybody's helping clean up. Even a rare appearance from Dannielle!

Well if it was not garbage day it would look better, but the pile of metal is all gone.

Repairs done on the east side.

Repairs done on the middle east side.

Repairs done on the middle west side.