Day 13: Go east old man
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We got the two steep sections done ("L" and "I"), which I was dreading. Of these two sections "L" is the worse because of its height and the slope it is on. Up and down ladders all every three shingles and making sure the ladders are on firm ground are the order of the day.

Tomorrow will be carpentry work getting water damage taken care of on the south side between the dormers. I assume it will take me all day to do that. I have not been able to see under the shoot since it is still being used but I assume it is the same. This may be the day the shoot goes away.

Today we got all the metal off the house (flashing, gutters and downspouts) so it is time to take the pile of metal out of the driveway and and out to recycle. Especially since it is starting to get in my way. As I mentioned at the beginning, recycling as much of the material as possible was of prime interest. So we have seperated the materials as we have gone along. Makes fora messier front of our house, but that's a small price to pay. It would have been a lot nicer if we could have had a drop box, but we just could not find anyone on the Washington side of the river that would do that.


Over the back patio.

The east facing slope.

What was holding the ladders up.

The east end dormer damage.

The middle east damage. (surpising little damage considering its monicer.

The middle west damage. (The west end is still under the shoot.)

The metal pile from the roof (the wood will be seperated today).

The post-hurricane look. In vogue this time of year.