Day 8: Northwest Territory
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The good news is that someone is watching over my project since, even though I forgot about the skylights, they will install very near the ridge and I have not put roofing there yet. I will close that off as I finish the north side of the house.

Areas "A" and "C" are done at the same time, since the weave needs to be in neat order in the valley between them. I cleaned out all the old nails, strengthen up some of the underlayment and got about half of the shingles laid down. I should easily finish this today and hopefully finish cleaning sections "B" and "D".

There are not a lot of pictures today, mostly of my leak proof valleys. They take a lot of material but the should stop a .22 bullet from even getting to the underlayment.

My steel and woven valley.

Here you can see the weave.

This was the completed job from yesterday. One skylight will go in the lower right corner on the finished side of the crest.

Looking east (into a nice sunrise) the second skylight will just below the ridge about midway down the roof.