Day 6: Actually putting down some roofing
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Well that estimate was sure optimistic—I got "Q" and "P" done. A number of factors got involved.

The chimney, I am VERY pleased with the flashing I got made for that. It took a while but it was worth it, It looks nice and the rain does not sit anywhere.

Oh did I mention rain, yes we had to try out the flashing. it rained at noon. That shut me down for an hour, getting things covered.

Hangover... not mine... Garrett's. He was real slow. At one point I got Tammi on the rood to help... until her fear of heights almost caused a catastrophe.

So today I will pray I can get "E" done. That will start real soon.

It's also suppose to be clear today.


The original flashing had no slope by any of the chimneys.

Another view.

This is over Garrett's room. You can see the new wood.

Here I have put in some cedar filler to give a slope of about 1/2" per foot of run.

Isn't that flashing pretty?

Got one side done

With the roofing in place.

Just can't get enough of that.

We also needed to replace some of the original stucco siding on the house, This is what we were doing when the rain came. The new piece is all cut and ready to put in place. That chimney flare was a pain to get around.

Yes the rains came about noon.

More rain...

More tarps

Such colorful roofing.

Pitch "P"

Note the two ladders (the second barely visible behind the first) that I needed to run up and down.