Day 5: Final Prep
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Cleaning up the old roof is taking longer than I thought it would. I am being very meticulous and removing all the old nails to make sure as little as possible can creep back up and hurt the roofing. I was only able to get one area of the roof done, albeit the largest single expanse. We (Garrett helped for about 1/2 the day) also replaced the damaged area around the chimney and could see that it had not effected the rafters.

Tomorrow I will actually start putting roofing on. If you refer to my square footage diagram, I will go in this order "Q", "P" and then "E" maybe I can get some of "A" but that could be tough. The chimneys are going to be a lot of work for two reasons. First, I need to make sure the "uphill side" does no have a level spot (a problem with the prior roof) and secondly all the flashing.

It's also suppose to rain tonight. I will need to do some protective work, too.


I love the number of nails and holes in this roof. When Dandy Andy replaced the old cedar shake he did not replace the tar paper. Here you can see a rip in the tar paper that had more money in nails holding it down than it would have cost to replace the tar paper. Better than that, of course it was a waste of time since any water would have gone under the rip anyway

At first I thought the original roof tar paper had been nailed on both edges but as I removed it I found that it was nailed only once on the down hill edge. Another reason Dandy Andy should have replaced it.

Lastly, a close look at any of these pictures will show all the old shake staple holes in the paper. Essentially the paper did nothing. Luckily the only places that mattered were few (so far) and I have fixed them.

Ripped out the old stuff and ready to replace. The rafters were discolored but not damaged. We also put in more insulation while we had access.

As I said, the biggest single expanse of roof.