Why are you doing this Todd?
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So, a number of you have asked what the goal is, so I added this page Well... two fold. First is that there was a water leak somewhere and all I knew was it was in the shower area. I have had nothing but problems with the remodeled portion of this house that the previous owner (Andy Gale) did. We surely have a different concept of quality. I could post pages on things that I have had to fix, because of his lack of building skills. This summer I have to replace an 11 year old roof after nursing it along for the last 6 years. It is a true nightmare.

So on Day 1 you will see the issues I had to solve. But since I had to rip this all apart I might as well put something nice in its place.

Below are some "artists" renditions of what I am trying to achieve.

Where we are starting from.

Where we are going to. (Minus the red and blue lines.)

There will be two shower heads on the wall you cannot see, a curtain (not a door as shown) on a semi-circular rod, the addition of a seat and some grab bars. There will not be a sill at the opening for easy access. Not that any of my house is wheelchair friendly.

After we looked at tile there are a few changes too. The floor will be 1.5" x 1.5 " random mix of the two upper colors and the "chair molding" will be two rows of the same thing.

Here is a dimentional drawing that I am using to keep myself inside the lines, so to speak. (Click for a readable image.)

And, lastly, my schedule. Updated daily, posted when every I think about it. (Click for a readable image.)