26 March 2008 - Day 18
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Well, I am going to call this project done. Yes, I have a door to get for the laundry shoot, I will order the switch plate covers tonight and I need to put up the towel rack tomorrow, but I am going to call it done.

This is complete two days behind my formal schedule, but when I look at my estimating sheet that I used for figuring out the entire set of projects around the house, I estimated three weeks So I am under that.

Good, then Friday I can take off to Moab.

After far too much screwing around I got this light in. The idiot that had the house prior to me did not center the j-box so I needed to do a little re manufacturing of the base plate.

The new sink faucets with an unintentional mirror view of the matching tub faucets.

The tub fixture.

The completed shower with all the fixtures.