22 March 2008 - Day 14
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When today was done there was nothing new to see... at least from a camera's viewpoint. There was more finishing work on the mud, but that is not something easy to some in pictures. I was hoping to do texturing today, but the mud was not smooth enough.

The biggest task was pulling out the old tub and inserting a re-heater in it for Tammi. It is amazing how quickly the water gets cold.

I also dusted off the tile with a terrycloth rag to clean up the last of the grout.

It's a slow process of getting it up one 2x4 at a time, tilting it to get the pipes past the tiles...

...getting a jack under it...

...eventually lifting it high enough for 2x4's to hold it up...

...so I could do the plumbing work.

,...and then reverse the process to put it all back.