19 March 2008 - Day 11
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Finally done with tiling. Tomorrow is going to start as a day of cleaning, since the room is a mess and I really do try to keep it clean. Keeping the project clean affords three things.

  1. A cleaner house.
  2. A more pleasant working environment.
  3. A safer work environment.

We just found out our source for the curtain rod we were looking to put in went out of business. That caused a few problems. But I don't have fixtures yet either. I am hoping that Monday I can take a shower in my new shower.

Carefully working on the last course...

...carefully getting the thinset smooth.

Screw it, lets get it done! :-)

All done. Of course, I still need to grout and seal.

The other wall.

The floor. I am getting pretty good at nipping out circles.