17 March 2008 - Day 9
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A long day. It started by going out to get things I needed like a tile cutter, nippers, batons, etc. and I did not get started with the tiling until about 11:30. But his puts me a little under half way done. But I think this is the hardest part or all of the cut outs.

So I set up my batons for just below the "chair molding" and chalked out where the 4x4 tile needed to start.

I did put the batons up all the way around the shower.

I started on the back wall and centered the "chair molding" so that I would have cuts of 1/2 or more of a tile width.

So then it was just tiling all day. I did the back then right and then shower (left) wall. The latter had 6 circular cut outs.

A view of what took me so long.