11 March 2008 - Day 3
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Day three placing the drain and pouring concrete. That's all.


Do you know how much a five gallon bucket of concrete weighs?!? Full, about 90 pounds, so, yes, I only did 3/4 buckets up all those stairs.

So here is my task... take all those bags mix of concrete, them up with water and carry them up a flight of stairs, through our bedroom and carefully dump them on the shower.

So first I need to mix it up. Dump it into three 5-gallon buckets and haul it in..

After completing the first wheelbarrow load (two bags) and leveling it out, there was a little more than what I needed to put down the reinforcement—1/2 inch galvanized mesh, but after some shoveling I got it all in and...

Did more mixing...

That brought me up to the level I needed to apply the top coat. A slightly waterier mix to make it easier to smooth out.

So, more mixing...

And carefully smooth out the top coat to give me a nice run-off slope.

Personally I like the reflection (look close) of the studs in the wet cement; they are even and show no ripples. Time to have a nice cold Fat Tire... maybe two.