The Camping Trip From Heaven?





As I snuck out the night before with permission from my mother. She shared her concern that I would get caught and not be able to go camping the next day. Knowing me I took my chances and left anyways figuring that since I had snuck out ohh so many times before that it would be easier with one parent knowing. What I didn’t know is that my dad already had the leaking suspicion that I was going to sneak out.


Zack and Alex picked me up in the circle behind my house. And off we went. Down to Melanies house. We had a minor detour when it came to drink and Zack said “Dannielle come down and help me find my jerseys, please?” went down there snuck into his house cause his mom was sleeping. Went up stairs asked where the jerseys were. And his ohh so hilarious reply “what jerseys?” it was his devious plan so that we could fuck. Isn’t he smart? Scandalous devious bitch. The entire time we were yelling at each other calling each other names and laughing hysterically. I asked if he told alex of his devious plans and all he did was smile and laugh.  I smacked the shit out of him and we went back up to melanies, but we actually had the jerseys.


  And there I was left to start guzzling my fifth of nasty ass vodka. 4 double shots and a mixed drink later(totally about 10 shots) later in an hour and a half span. Zack left before I finished the mixed drink bitching that he had to go work. I was somewhat disappointed cause I was enjoying my time with him. After he left me and Alex had a heart to heart about Samantha. He didn’t deny anything I said, nor did he really agree. I told him not to lie to me. And well I don’t think Alex ever really would. He told me I needed to talk to zack about it. So zack got a very drunkin 16 second phone call from me  at 12:46 in the morning with me  yelling at him. I couldn’t really recall what I said. But I knew I was pisssed.


When it was time for me to go home, I couldn’t walk and I had already been sick. Alex carried me from melanies car over the fence and threw my window where Jesse Persisted to take care of me. Gots to love the brother.


My dad woke me up at 6:00 in the morning and started the yelling fit. Telling me he knew I was gonna sneak out and that he knew I was with zack. I denied obviously. I also got “grounded”, which I believe is what set this whole thing off.. But yes he didn’t let me go back to sleep and I was still drunk. I was pissed to say the least. I finally started moving around at about 2 when I took a 45minute shower and ate some ibproferin like it was candy. Not long after I got a call from Alex asking if I was going camping. I had been excited about going camping ever since I found out about it. Even though I was overly disgusted with myelf and Zack for the Samantha situation I figured this would give me a chance to really talk to Zack about “Us” not the fuck buddy “Us” the actual commited “Us”.


Anyways not to get derailed. I decided I was going camping with or without my parents permission. So what did I do, I got ready to leave grabbed my coat a beanie and my purse. Made a note for my door that read :

“Going camping be back tomorrow.

And believe it or not I love you all



and everyone has their phones



and I left walked right out the side door, passed my dad where he was sleeping. And right by my brother playing his X-Box. And ran down the side of the house where Zack was parked and waiting. I jumped in the car and told him to floor it. We were gone pretty quick. I didn’t get a phone call until we were in the Safeway parking lot and it was from my older brother asking if I really left. I told him yes and he said it wasn’t a smart idea. I agreed and said that its what I needed to do if I wanted freedom.


About 10 minutes later I got a call from my mom on Jesse’s phone and I didn’t answer it. I let it ring and go to my voicemail. (I’ll put the message on here later.) it was funny well in my eyes it was. Anyways I told the boys we needed to get out of town. I Guess my mom called the cops and told them that I was out partying the night before and that I was a minor. She ratted out Melanie to the cops and Zack’s mom. Zack got away scotch free. Because well nothing my mom says is really credible. Least after the whole me being pregnant thing.


Me and the Boys floored it out of town and we were I guess “avoiding the police.” The cops knew the description of our vehicle and we’re now looking for us. We we’re doing to vad though cause before long we’d be out of Clark county and we’d be fine. I slept most of the way up to Trout lake, although I was still somewhat hangover. It took me awhile to recover from the previous nights escapades. Took us 3 hours to get there cause we got lost and ended up camping on a back road off of mount Adams .