Sex on the Beach




i scream
you scream
we all scream
for sex on the beach!!!


Not the brand of scent, nor the kinda of ganja, not even the drink….

Literally I had sex on the beach… twice. Hmmmmm….


I don’t think anyone else’s day could have been better.

Left school to “smoke” and well I guess we decided that havin sex on the beach would be funner. And boy was it.
We drove around for awhile, and decided to go down to cottonwood. The river was so high there was barely any beach existent. But well yea that didn’t stop us… few minor set backs and delays, like people walkin by on the trail. We ended up doing it behind a log. Which was… welll discrete enough..

I told him we should just find somewhere more solitary. And so we went driving looking for a place of solitude once again…

Ended up driving up the Washougal, passed by like 5 places before we dicided to stop at 3 mile and walk up the river.

It was a nice day… and jessi I can finally say I understand what if feels like to fuck on top of rocks…. And yea… I have bruises on my knees as well, along with a few bug bites.


Yea sex on the beach is no longer a mystery to me…

now I just need to have sex on the beach when the sun is setting.



Ohh later on cabrea called and he was very curious as to why I was in such a good mood… haha if only he knew.