Somewhat pathetic



so he went flippin through my wallet.

and to his suprise...not mine...


pictures fell out of him and sam.

i grabbed them folded them up and started walking away.


he said"what is that?"

"i'm not dumb."

and that was the end of our conversation for the day.

i dont think he cared. which wouldn't suprise me.

he left right after 3rd to go to taco hell... he invited me but it was only cause he wanted to be polite and at least offer.


today will be interesting. i have to go over to his house and work on his computer for penny...


me and zack alone, once again in his house. wonder where thats gonna lead.

i'm so sick of his games. but we all know dannielle too weak to ever just leave him and move on.

and knowing me, i'll end up getting over the whole thing by the time we go home, and fucking him. just to help erase the fact that i'm not good enough for someone who's not good enough for me.