My new escape.




the wondow behind my desk, i'm just big (little)enough to fit through the 5 inch area for my thighs, the rest of me can fit through the top.


and its pretty quiet, cept for when i make the latters bang against the wall...

but so long as i'm not drunk it shouldn't be too hard, kinda scary jumping across the drop off, sure its only a ten-foot fall... still kinda freaky.


sat out there and smoked a whole eigth of a cig.(clove!bitch)

but its a mighty nice little spot and no one can see me sitting there least if you come into my room...


i like it.. my new solitude.


i sat outside in my bra in booty shorts today from after school till bout half hour ago, i got a nice lil tan(burn) goin on but yea, fades away the acne... YAY for me!

started reading the bean trees. very good book jessi. i think i'm on page 87 already.

and i'm sure by the end of the night i'll at least make it to 103. but we'll see...

hmmm for some reason i'm in a decent mood. and i dont know why.

i love days like these

Dannie Marie