Terrible day... ohh no wonderful day



it was truly a great day, and i wouldn't of changed it for the world.

senior mother tea went splendid, the waterworks from my mother were unstoppable. Mission accomplished. besides my tipping it over underneith the table. and the obvious big puddle of water. But Zack covered for me. as my mom asked what the water was from, Zack "i had an accident." hahahaha made me laugh. the card which i wrote for her went as follows...

3 roses for the three children you brought into this world.
a plastic container, because even when we thought you were glass and going to break, you fell yet to rise again.
Marbles symobolizing the strenth you have in life.
and a heart for every time you went
<3and for every kind deed disregarded<3
with me giving you this i hope you realize that your something nothing will ever be able to replace

My mom left and came home. i left with zack to get lunch. i serisouly thought that today was going to be a terrible terrible day. we went for lunch Subway. twas great.

came home and penny paid me to clean the house. $15
then she asked me and zack to take the 4runner down and have it washed... she gave us more than enough money. and with the spare cash we went to pizza palace and playing some hunting game. which i eventually figured out. i guess you cant shoot baby animals, or your opponent.ha! fancy that played those games for bout half hour.
came home to zacks grandma asking us to take her car to have it cleaned. and she gave us each $10 to do that, plus a bunch more change... with the spares left from that we went to the Riverside Bowling and played air hockey, where Zack proceeded to loose, 13 to 5. lil bitch got beat by a girl. then we played a racing game which i also beat him at... us bitches know how to drive.
we went home and watched the neighbors beener worker cut down a 50ft tree. Penny got a wonderful picture of me and Zack all cuddled up on the stepsEEEEEEEEEE!!!!. i will be getting a copy of that... for sure.

i guess i was suppose to be home at 230 but the fam was in portland and no one picked up their phone. so i just stayed with Zack.

We were wrestling and he managed to make me another pair of holy pants. and right after that we went to safeway, And i guess Zack didn't like me parading around with my ass hanging out so he walked holding my hand and glaring at every guy that looked at me. made me feel special even though i'm not. came back to his house at 630 and he said he wanted to go fishing. he invited me, and i told him i had better go home.

he drove me home and there were no cars. so i went inside and my mom was asleep upstairs. i woke her up and asked her if i could go with him... and to my suprise.... SHE SAID YES!!!

so dannielle went fishing, for the first time... and guess what i caught to fish, which i sold to the scavaging russians that were at lacamas. he brought me home, gave me a kiss and said he was picking me up in the morning at.... 730. i made a deal with him that if he wanted to fuck he had to learn to say it in french correctly. he tried really hard, but yea.


we'll see. tomorrow is going to be another ohh so splendid day. and i'm overly excited...



i love my happiness over this pitiful relationship. even if it is going absofuckinglutly nowhere....


loves loves loves...


did i mention no cheesecake today.... and it was better than any day i had it... muhhahahahaha


happy happy joy joy

Dannie Marie