He's having fun, and i think he'll find whats better. 


Me and zack were suppose to hang out this weekend. fancy if that were to ever actually happen.

i called him yesterday, cause like me being scadalous, sneaky, paranoid, and jealous over this girl. i was checking out ms. single, jeep racing, kelso girl's myspace.

and what to my suprise do i find... not only that she is single, but she has pictures of zack on her profile.

and... that she is hanging out with "a" zack this weekend and going down to oregon...

blogy blog blog from her of course....

and well i am going to Oregon this weekend with my friend Zac so tht should be pretty fun and i wont have to think about a certain someone!

me being jealous... she can hang out with him, and i can't.

so i called zack asked what he was doing. he told me to come down to his house. told him i couldn't. he said it didn't matter cause he was driving down to Florence to go wheelin... i asked who all was going... him, alex and ms. single, jeep racing, kelso girl, Sam.

i hate jealousy.

but i know she could get him if she wanted.

she probably already has,

and he'll come home, and say nothing happened.

lying to me...

again...Dannie Marie