Fire is a bad idea


krystal-"hairspray gets marker off"
dannie-"alrght so does alcohol"
as we both poured massive amounts onto the white board.
krystal-"isn't hairspray flamable?"
as she grabs the lighter and sets it against the cocktail of alcohol and hairspray on the whiteboard
dannie-"yup, it is."
as my entire room lights up with fire. and we close the door.
krystal- "shouldn't we put this out?"
dannie- "no it will be fine, its on the whiteboard not the floor"
as the cocktail hit the carpet
dannie+krystal- "ohh shit much laughter blow it out"
flames, flames, flames. blowing it out does do any good..
dannie-"smother it!!!!"
as i throw a certain a certain someones sweatshirt on top of it.
dannie- "that was awesome"
krstal- "i have to call jesse"
i grab the whiteboard
dannie- "fuck thats hot"
dannie-"i have to call zack"

later on...


dannie-"wanna do it again?"
krystal- "hell yea"
dannie-"lets catch my hand on fire."
krystal laughs
jesse-"thats not a good idea..."


he was right it was a bad idea...



this is why my parents dont leave me and krystal alone in my room for too long.... bad things happen...


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bad idea, but fun idea