Yes i'm a hypocrite


i didn't buy a pack on my 18th birthday. i bought my first pack out of stress...

i like'd how these ones tasted.

started smoking them with TK
only when i was high. my exact words to him were "you owe me cause i dont smoke. its icky" he did't want to smoke alone. so i agreed. stupid yes this i know.

i like how these leave my side vision shake almost as if i'm shakin my eyes. they make me dizzy as if i'm drunk when i walk. they remind me of christmas as well, the smell of chestnuts and cinnomen. they leave a taste on your lips of honey.

smoking them at kurts every now and then going on walks up to dorthy fox.

now that i've bought a pack, i smoke them not constantly. but possibly half a one a day. sometimes more, if i'm hanging out with TK.

i can see this becoming a habit. so well.. i better be careful.

i'm stupid. this as a stress relief isn't a good idea. i'm stressed way to often for this to be healthy.

i best be careful.

[h.y.p.o.c.r.i.t.i.c.a.l.] me