Comment from me to krystal:

“so basicaly, i love you. your the coolest...
i think we should eat shotgun together though...
tonight was a bad night. fightin with the parentals... again.
wouldn't let me go to kurts...
which means i'm goin out for a midnight excursion. ohh yipyy... gonna freeze my ass off.
tomorrow mornig i'm going down to zacks gonna help his mommy clean. and crawl in bed with zachary. damn i miss that boy. he's such a jackass.
anyways. i love you i miss you (already). and sorry for not being to talkative last night. rarrness of the brain. i think it was mad at me. yea just a lil.
loves dear.

yea I hate my dad. With a passion. I don’t care if he’s fuckin worried about me. its pissing me off. Seriously…

woke up this morning 730. got ready to go, only to get called down to his office and get bitched at. Not that I didn’t promptly leave. But still… he like snooping. Snooping trying to find out how bad his daughter has fucked up this time. Well…. Fuck him… he can interpret shit however the fuck he wants to.he was pissing about me “sneaking out” which I didn’t end up doing cause garrett got me drunk.

Then he persisted to bager me about fucking zack. And how I make myself out to be a whore. At that point I told him to go fuck himself, and left his office.

Went and brushed my teeth and he came barging into my bathroom ranting about how I’m fucking a loser. And how he wasn’t good enough. How I’m gonna end up pregnant. And he’s gonna have to deal with it…. Seriously…. Gay .
Asked if I used protectiong told him I was pregnant. Shut him up then I said I’m not fucking stupid you jackass… I’m on my period you assfuck. I can’t fuck zack even if I wanted to.

I want to shoot him.

I told him to get the fuck out of my bathroom. And I left. Shoved past him, past the door. Yelled bye to mom and left.

I smoked way too much, I thought I was gonna be sick… but well at least it got my mind off of that fuckstick todd….

Another comment that he bitched about. … :

i have frankenstien on tape... you should come liten to it with me...
keep me entertained...
we'll eat poppycorn... wait.. no we wont i dont have any :(
~dannie.who.wants.to.shoot.her.family.sp ecifially.a.certain.snooping.jackass....y es.that.means.you.”



my dads e-mail to krystal…. Ohh doesn’t he seems like a concerned parent… my opinion still stands…. He can go fuck himself. :


Please do not hurt your parents like Dannielle does with posts like she did on your comments. I wish Dannielle would realize what those things sound like and that I hear about them from other people. I cannot think they make even her friends think less of her. I guess though I am wrong.

I am not sure why I am writing you this, please do not tell Dannielle. She upsets me so. It just eats me up. I get so tired of worrying about the phone ringing and it being a hospital, cops, etc. It does not help that I have had all that happen numerous times over the last year to justify the paranoia.

I don't want her hurt.

I hate him. He can’t fake this shit forever. I hate his two faced ass.