Back to Normal... kind of...  



that was quick...


one text message that unfortunitly i can't take back,

From LK to KZ "so when you and dannie gonna be a couple?"

one of thse i have to play it off cool kind of things... cause i fucking hate it when she gets involved with my relationships.

mine look so petty and insignificant compared to hers...

KZ got the text last night, but didn't open it till today. well AJ opened it in class. and was nice enough to read it aloud, and make me feel like a retard.


AJ replied, not knowing who the text was from, saying "soon i hope. whats it to you?"

false hopes planted in my brain.... again



wanting to shoot myself.

i knew that the second he got the thint that imight want to be in a relationship he would act weird again.

and here he is.... acting standoffish, and uninterested.

i would of much rather had it us all over each other with no mention of any relationship.

then knowing we'll never have one and never touching each other again.