but i'm no longer giving drugs to you....

it does no good.

Phillip doesn't approve, you don't approve...

and quite frankly with you saying that you disapprove of these "free of charge drugs" so much. all i can think about is why i still offer them to you.


so i'm not gonna anymore.
ask someone else for your {diseasecausingaddiction}


cause i'm done.


i will amke no mention to you of these explicit drugs anymore.

and please, keep your drugs to yourself.

cause dannielle fucking Williams... doens't exist anymore.
my drugs may be opiates, but they dont leave holes in your brain and cause you to be legally retarded..


this may sound like an attack but it's not. and i just wanted to let you know.
don't explode on me at school tomorrow cause i dont need/nor want it and i'll probably just turn around and walk away.