happy happy joy joy


happy happy joy joy.
thats all i really have to say... and if you know me, you know what happy happy joy joy means. and ohh boy am i happy...
telling kurt i just played PS2 for 2 hours was a lie, he knew it was then again i knew he didn't want to hear about it. He knows in the back of his head what went on... he's jsut deniing it. i dont really blame him.
maybe he missed me as i missed him, maybe he just didn't want to loose his fuck buddy again.... either way.... hmmm.... what a glorious unplanned event. Yes yes Jessi i know i told you i wouldn't do that unless we we're monogomous.... but what can i say....? He had me pinned and i wasn't about to unpin myself.
I'm already so ohh so sore, and i have to go snowboarding all day tomorrow... I'm gonna be one hurtin unit.. butit was worth it. everything was, me not being able to walk right for the next couple days is fine with me, cause along with the inability to walk. comes the permanent smile thats never gonna leave my face. Every step i take i scream fuck this hurts, then i think fuck i wanna do it again and again and again.
anyways. i'm fucked, and i love it.. and on monday night. i'll be fucked again, and in more pain with a bigger smile.