in the end


ok i love mr zachary dean curtis, i miss him he misses me and i dont know what i was thinking ever leaving him for well a "goody goody" fuck that...


we made a deal that we would hang out and fuck when he got home, which mean i offically have a week to break up with Shane as of today... I'm dreading the break-up because no matter what i say it will make me look like a whore and a bitch..

but i guess i'm just gonna have to tell him the truth, that i'm still overly infatuated with Zack. overy overly infatuated with Zack... i dont think its love, i could be wrong. but i need to be honest with him, about everything, the drugs, how i feel about him, the controlling issue, and how i feel about Zack...


hmm... i really dont know how to do this whole break-up. and i would go for anyone's advice.... ????




thank you all..