My nightmare has a name


rolling constantly trying to get comfortable,
I felt as if i had hands all over my body.
I just kept moving and figured it go away,
half asleep i remembered hearing the TV
go on about girls gone wild
and how all males want a penis enlargement.
chuckled in my sleep as some big figure quickly moved away.
it was as if i felt their presence leave mine.
i guess i figured it was just a nightmare.

woke up in the morning.
had another long day.
back to sleep.

or try to sleep.
i felt the hands again.
and this time i did everything i could to wake myself up.
after i woke myself up i realized...
it was no nightmare
it was no dream...

there were hands all other my body.
i quickly rolled to the other side of the bed.
far away as possible.
thought he got the point.
woke up two hours later to the hands again
all over my body.
i could feel them slide on my stomach
and then up my arm,
graze against my breast.
i felt his hands...
my ass
my inner thigh,
then back down my stomach,
he had a plan.
what it was i am not sure.

but he never gave up
no matter how many times i woke up
and got up and moved,
he'd follow me.
hands followed me
all over me.

it happened again
and again
every night i slept near him.
this morning i finally gave up.
got out of his house at 7 while he was still asleep
walked down the street and crawled into an empty bed
that smelled like Axe and greese and oil.
the smell that permeates his bed along with all his stuff
he will be home tomorrow.
and i think i might tell about this "nightmare"
considering it is his bestfriend