He was hopin' I’d tell him to stay

Didn’t realize I had that control

I could live without him

Till I lost him

Now I'm suffering

Drowning in stupidity

Confused emotions

with a broken heart

and crushed dreams

With no hope in reach


He came home one day

Said he’d never leave me again

Sayin he was lost without me

Couldn’t live without me

I believed him

Told him the same

Stubbornness is a quality

Neither of us could avoid


Now he cant be seen

Having to push him away

Wanting to pull him close

We drifted away

Started slipping away

Created the mirror

And put up our guard

Now we’re not the same

Both of us beginning to change


And now the day has come

To see what true

If he can’t live without me

Or if I was just a fool.

Fell to the game

Another victim to his name

Now I wear the burden

A broken heart leaves