it starts out as simple and you take it to heart

.and you try not to get excited about it because...
it was "just" a hug
and he was "just" being nice when he gave you his coat cause you were cold
then it was "just" a note taht said he loved you
and it was "just" a gesture when he asked to hold your hand
and he said ok when you "just" wanted to be friends
and then he "just" wants to fool around
then it came to its "just" sex,
and now when you hear the words they are different
i am "just" out with my friends
i was "just" about to call
and she is "just" a friend
dont take it too seriously, remember we're "just" friends... and it was "just" sex...
funny how words that at first can seems so sincere can turn cold and sour "just" like that