C'est moi 

They call me a Vixen

and the say I'm  Debauch 



 This is not a promotional website. I guess I could be promoting me. So if you want to give me a job, feel free.


If you want the whole story on my life... I actually have it. but you not getting it unless you ask nicely. because a lot of it is still a secret to much of the world... (my parents/some friends)


My dad is the one who got me interested in computers. So you can thank him for this entirely random site; that you will gain nothing from. Obviously besides my many misconceptions. 


Life's to short to stay mad. 

this is the me my friends see, I'm honestly a dork.




Why would you want to contact me....?

Aim: debauchvixen

yahoo: debauchvixen

e-mail: danniewill@comcast.net



i belong to many a random pointless websites... Thanks to Josh and Jessica...






 I appreciate it greatly... you've added to the fact that I have no life...



What the Future holds